November 28, 2017

As One Year Approaches Friends and Supporters Plan to Hold a Vigil to Honour Soleiman and Demand Justice

Nearing the anniversary of Soleiman Faqiri’s death, friends and family remember the life and legacy of Soleiman. They reflect upon the happiness and joy that Soleiman brought to all those he know.

To honour and commemorate Soleiman, friends and supporters will be holding a vigil on December 15th to mark the one year anniversary of Soleiman’s death. The vigil will be held at Dundas Square from 6 to 8 pm. Friends and supporters are organizing this vigil as a way to come together in solidarity and to call for justice, transparency, accountability and most of all reform in Ontario’s correctional services.

Yusuf Faqiri, Soleiman’s brother, notes that Soleiman was known for his brilliance and generosity. He had an infectious smile and was immensely loved by his nieces and nephews. Soleiman was incredibly close to his family, especially his mother. He was truly loved by all those who knew him. Soleiman’s passing marks the loss of a son, a brother, an uncle, and a friend. His loss is mourned by all those who knew him.

While the commemoration of Solieman is a painful reminder for friends, family, and supporters of his death; we hope that it can help enact reform so that no other family has to suffer this way. We mourn Solieman and the loss of all others subjected to brutality at the hands of correctional facilities and we pray for justice, accountability, and change.


Soleiman Faqiri was killed under government care on December 15 2016. Soleiman’s stay at the Central East Correctional Centre (CECC) in Lindsay, Ontario was meant to be a temporary measure, yet it ended up being fatal. In October 2017 the Kawartha Lakes Police Services’ (KLPS) announced that not charges would be filed against any Lindsay CECC officers. Several media reports have questioned about whether the police service was far enough removed from the case to conduct its probe impartially.

For Soleiman’s family, other families of victims killed in prisons, the Ontario Human Rights Commission, the legal community, the mental health community, and all Ontarians, the inquest into his death is a litmus test as to whether the Province is seriously committed to transparency and reform.
The Justice for Soli Campaign aims to find transparency and accountability, but equally important it seeks to be an agent for true reform.